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Chris Mannix: Stan Van Gundy not a candidate for Brooklyn Nets job

Doug Pensinger

There are increasing indications that neither Stan nor Jeff Van Gundy, once considered possible front runners for the Nets coaching job, will be called by Billy King. Chris Mannix, in an interview with an Orlando radio station, put the kibosh on any Stan Van Gundy speculation and said it's only a possibility that his brother gets called.

I've spoken to sources there who have told me --not as recently as yesterday when I spoke to people about the Phil Jackson thing, but within the last few weeks, that Stan Van Gundy is NOT a candidate for the Nets head coaching job. Its possible that Jeff Van Gundy could be called but from what I understand, Stan Van Gundy is not considered a top candidate for that job.

Stan Van Gundy told the Orlando Sentinel that he misses coaching. Mannix, who was interviewed Wednesday, spoke as well about the "extensive" phone call King had with Phil Jackson on Tuesday night.

I think that the Nets now that Phil Jackson is off the table and he was off the table and he was obviously their first choice, Billy King spoke to him extensively last night and he was told that Phil Jackson is done with coaching. Its understood that he wants to look for a governship role. a front office role, a role where he could expand his resume and become something like Red Auerbach was. One of the things that differentiate Red and Phil is that he has more championships now but Red was the one that built teams and I think that that's something that Phil wants to add to his resume' going forward. So I think he's not interested in any capacity coming back as a head coach.

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