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Brett Yormark: Coaching choice won't affect marketing of Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets

In an interview early Thursday morning, Brett Yormark told ESPN's Jared Max that the Nets off-season marketing won't be much affected by whomever Billy King selects as coach. Saying "Look, it would be great to get someone who's very recognizable, but we don't really think of it in those terms. And if we get it, it's only a plus."

Yormark explained,

We've been able to, thankfully, develop a good brand. Players come and go, coaches come and go, but you need a sustainable platform and that's the platform we're building in Brooklyn with the Brooklyn Nets and it's something we focus on. We don't sell wins or losses, we don't sell players or coaches, we sell the overall platform.

From my perspective, whoever is on the sidelines really doesn't make a difference as it relates to selling our tickets and building our brand. Could it help, depending who it is, in terms of building our brand? Absolutely. But it's not a major factor. We don't go into the off-season, my team and I when we start our planning, thinking if we get this person, we do this or if we get that person, we do that.

In discussing the team and brand's overall success this season, the Nets CEO said he would give the first season in Brooklyn an 8 on a scale of 10.

I thinks its an 8. it wanst perfect but if you think about where we came from, 23 wins (actually 22) in New Jersey to 49 in Brooklyn, hadn't been in the playoffs in six years.Obviously made the playoffs, took it to Game 7. We made a lot of progress and that was on the court. Off the court, obviously, you guys have documented it well. It's been a
total transformation from a brand perspective.

Is he satisfied?

I'm hungry but not satisifed. That's my mantra. As competitive as I am, I think I need to step and look at how far we have come. And when I look at both the Nets and Barclays Center, I think I can say, we truly exceeded expectations.