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Nets have yet to contact Jerry Sloan but expected to call about Doc Rivers

Douglas C. Pizac-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Sloan admits to getting a couple of calls about a return to coaching, but the Salt Lake Tribune reports the Nets haven't been in contact. Sloan and Deron Williams spurred some buzz last week when both suggested they'd be willing to re-unite. Sloan said he would gladly listen to a Nets offer and Williams said he would welcome playing for "Coach Sloan" again.

Meanwhile, Stephen A. Smith told SNY Nets that he expects Billy King to make his next calls about Doc Rivers and Brian Shaw, both of whom are still under contract.

Sloan and Williams had a famous falling-out in 2011 that may have led to Sloan's resignation on February 7 and Williams trade to the Nets two years later. However, Nets insiders have been quoted as saying that the Sloan boomlet is a bit blown out of proportion.

In his interview with longtime Jazz writer Steve Luhm, Sloan said he’s been on the telephone with officials from "a couple" of NBA teams who wanted to gauge his interest on a possible return to coaching. He declined to name the teams, but Luhm wrote neither was the Brooklyn Nets.

"It’s just been conversation more than anything else," he said. "I’ll explore it and see what’s going on. It’s mostly been people checking on what I’m doing, what my wishes are and how I’m thinking."

Sloan noted that at 71, he'd prefer to go to a team "that has a chance to win some games," rather a rebuilding team.

Smith, speaking with Darrel Johnson of SNY, listed Rivers' name first when asked about the Nets priorities.

"Expect the Boston Celtics to receive a call for permission to talk to Doc Rivers… Expect Brian Shaw of the Indiana Pacers to get a call," and he also mentioned Larry Brown. He then returned to the man who will lead the search. "Billy King will scan the globe. I’ve known him for over 20 years. He’s not going sit idly by."

Danny Ainge, Boston's GM, would have to permit Rivers to talk with King and if the 10-year Celtics veteran wanted to leave, the Nets would almost certainly have to compensate the Celtics. Rivers has hinted that he might to step down from the head coaching job at TD Garden, but his contract runs another three years.