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Who's next? Who gets the second call from Billy King?


Phil Jackson said no to coaching the Nets and the Nets didn't discuss an executive position with him either, although a Nets insider was careful to note "nothing is ruled out, except coaching."

But the Nets still need a coach and the question is who gets the next call from Billy King? The candidates, as laid out by the media, includes in no real order Brian Shaw, Larry Brown, Scott Skiles, Jerry Sloan and maybe Doc Rivers if the Celtics are willing to let him go and the price isn't too high. The Van Gundy brothers, Jeff and Stan are supposedly not on the list and no one has mentioned Nate McMillan who has won 478 games in the NBA, more than either Van Gundy or Skiles. Would the Nets be interested in Mike Budenholzer, the Spurs assistant?

At this point, the "list" and process is close hold with King and ONEXIM executive Dmitry Razumov most privy. Several of the candidates are under contract: Rivers with the Celtics, Brown with SMU, Shaw with the Pacers, Budenholzer with the Spurs. The Pistons have already interviewed Budenholzer and McMillan.

How long will the process take? The Nets probably won't be able to interview Shaw until the Pacers are out of the playoffs. No doubt, with the draft coming up at the end of June, they'd like a new coach (and maybe his staff) read in.