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Sam Amick: Add Scott Skiles to the list

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In rounding up the usual suspects for the Nets' coaching search, Sam Amick lists Phil Jackson and his acolyte, Brian Shaw, and running through Jerry Sloan (don't take it seriously, says Amick), Doc Rivers (if the Celtics let him go) and Larry Brown (a Billy King mentor). Also on the list, he notes, is Scott Skiles, the former Bucks coach known for his tough defense.

"While the Jackson situation has to play out before some of the other candidates will be considered, former Milwaukee Bucks and Chicago Bulls coach Scott Skiles is also on the Nets' list, according to that same person," writes Amick. Skiles quit in January when it appeared he was about to be let go.

Indeed, Nets insiders see Skiles as a good candidate for the head coaching position. He has experience as a head coach with the Suns, Bulls and Bucks. If they believe that the team needs toughness, Skiles fills the bill. He also can grate on players after a while.