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Joe Johnson: "We kind of came into training camp this year blindfolded"


With 11 new players on the roster when the team started out last October, the Nets faced a formidable challenge: building chemistry, Joe Johnson tells Mike Mazzeo.

"I thought we kind of came into training camp this year blindfolded," he said. We didn’t what was going to happen or how we were going to do everything. We just kind of learned as we went along the season. I think coming into next year we kind of have a vision on what we want to do."

Johnson who was the NBA's top clutch shooter this season still had some of the worst numbers of his career. Late in the season, he was troubled by plantar fasciitis in his left foot. Although he played in pain, Johnson says he will not need surgery, just a lot of rest.

Looking forward, Johnson was asked what he wanted from a new coach. "Just hold guys accountable. That’s it," Johnson said. "And define roles."

Meanwhile, season report cards are starting to fill online spaces.