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Broussard: Phil Jackson, Larry Brown and Brian Shaw are in; The Van Gundys are out

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

According to ESPN's Chris Brousasard, the top three candidates on the Brooklyn Nets list of possible head coaches to replace P.J. Carlesimo are Phil Jackson, Larry Brown and Brian Shaw.

Those three names have been out there over the past 24 hours -- in the case of Phil, 24 months -- but another interesting note from Broussard's source is that, yes, Jerry Sloan is a long shot, Doc Rivers is a possibility (but long shot) and both Van Gundys, Jeff and Stan, are not on the list.

This is the same information that league sources have told NetsDaily.

David Aldridge of, the Nets have already contacted Phil Jackson. Aldridge notes that Jackson's reps have been contacted by the Nets but he has yet to respond, and there is no timetable for a response.

Yes, they want him, but does he want to come to Brooklyn and in what capacity?