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Jerry Sloan: "I would listen if Nets called"

Kevin C. Cox

In an interview with Comcast Sports Net Northwest in Portland, Deron Williams old coach, Jerry Sloan says he would listen if the Nets call ed him about the head coaching job.

"I'm open, I would listen," Sloan told via phone. "I haven't done the research on their roster, but I would definitely listen if they called."

Williams said Sunday that he would welcome playing for "Coach Sloan" again if the Nets chose him. The two had a difficult relationship in the second half of the 2010-11 season with Sloan resigning on February 7 and Williams getting shipped out on February 21. No indication in the CSNNW report if reporter Chris Haynes specifically asked about the two men's relationship.

Sloan also indicated that his desire to get back in the NBA does not mean he will listen to every offer.

"According to reports, I'm interested in every job that's out there," Sloan said. "That's just not the case. I don't like being linked to every opening. If the right situation presented itself, I will look into it."