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P.J. Carlesimo making the radio rounds, says Nets were looking for "someone more in line with their thinking on roster"

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P.J. Carlesimo is making the rounds on New York radio Monday, talking about why he thinks the Nets released him only hours after the Bulls beat the Nets in the first round of the playoffs.

He admitted to Tim Brando of CBS Sports that the Nets loss to the Bulls was not the determining factor in his release and suggested to Colin Cowherd of ESPN that development issues were part of the reason he was let go. (SNY Nets transcribed part of Cowherd interview.)

"Philosophically, I think Billy and the organization wanted someone that they felt was more in line with their thoughts and the way they felt about the roster and the whole situation going forward," said Carlesimo in talking to Colin Cowherd on ESPN. The reference to being "more in line with ... the way they felt about the roster" is almost certainly code for the disagreements Carlesimo had with both management and ownership about player development.

Still, Carlesimo spoke well of Mikhail Prokhorov and Billy King .

"It was a great opportunity, it was a nice job. This franchise is in great shape right now in terms of the move to Brooklyn and Barclays Center and everything is on the uptick right now," he said. "The roster is a good roster, it’s a little tight, there’s not a lot of flexibility going forward but Billy and Mikhail Prokhorov are willing to do what they have to do to be successful so I think it will be a very good opportunity for somebody."

Meanwhile on ESPN Monday, Stephen A. Smith said one reason Carlesimo is out of a job is that "Brook Lopez can't stand him."

King will be on ESPN 98.7 at 2 p.m.