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Charles Barkley: Brooklyn Nets were "as soft as tissue paper"

Bruce Bennett

In talking to Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Ruocco about Miami's inability to deal with big men and his predictions for the NBA's final four this year, Charles Barkley expressed regret, maybe even disgust, over his projection that the Nets would make the Eastern Conference Finals.

"I said this on the air. I'm sort of pleased that Oklahoma City don't get to the Finals. I said San Antonio, Memphis ...I said Brooklyn but I didn't realize they are softer than tissue paper... and you got Indiana."

Barkley had said all year that the Nets would wind up a better playoff team than a regular season team and finish better than the Knicks, but took them them to task, although not in as strong language as this, after their loss to the injury-plagued Bulls in the first round.

Regarding Miami, Barkley suggested that the Heat dynasty will be short-lived unless they get some big men. "If you got big guys, you can maul them inside" noting what Dallas did to them two years ago and predicting San Antonio would do the same if they got past Indiana.