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Latest at Barclays Center: Bike Valets

Alex Trautwig

It's the ultimate Brooklyn hipster perk: bike valets. Starting Wednesday night at Barclays Center, arena management and Transportation Alternatives, an advocacy group, will team up to provide the service at the arena's northeast corner, where there's already racks for 400 bikes. The first event you'll be able to hand your bike to a valet: a concert by "The National."

Workers will collect bikes and helmets of arriving concertgoers, store them in existing bike racks, and redistribute them after the show is over, the Wall Street Journal reported. Cyclists also won't have to tote a bike lock or carry a helmet around during the show. And the valet service is free. The experiment is aimed at further reducing motor vehicle traffic at the corner of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues, one of the city's busiest intersections. Already the subway station at the foot of the arena entrance plaza has seen enormous increases in usage. The bike parking, reportedly the largest in North America, has been underutilized, but that may be related to winter weather. The arena has only been open since September 28.

Ultimately, the bike parking will go inside B4, the 52-story modular apartment building planned for the site. Will bicycling Nets fans be able to take advantage of it? We won't know until data from the current experiment is gathered and analyzed.