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Brett Yormark: Game 7 "a pretty big moment for us"

With last Game 7 in Brooklyn history going back to 1956, Saturday is a big deal, says Brett Yormark.


In an interview with WCBS Radio, Brett Yormark put the Nets Game 7 Saturday in the context of the team's long journey to Brooklyn and how it's a "pretty big moment for us."

"I feel good," Yormark told Steve Scott. "I mean, our fans are going to come out. We’ll have another sellout crowd tomorrow night. Brooklyn’s been waiting for dramatic moments in sports for a long, long time and I’m just thrilled that we’re going to be able to give them a great great moment tomorrow night."

Yormark who noted the last Game 7 in Brooklyn game in the 1956 World Series said he really wants Brooklyn to enjoy the moment because the borough has changed the franchise.

"I think it’s totally re-invented the team, the franchise, the brand," said Yormark, CEO of the Nets, Barclays Center and now the group trying to renovate Nassau Coliseum. "Obviously, much has been written about our merchandise – people wearing black and white throughout the city," he said. "Obviously, the Barclays Center is a fabulous fabulous venue for basketball. We’ve been having sellout crowds all season long. So even though it was only about a 15 mile shift into Brooklyn from New Jersey, it’s been dramatic and it’s something that we’d all hoped for."