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Jay-Z's sports agency faces probe by NFL union


Jay-Z's foray into sports agency is getting mixed reviews.

True, he's signed Robinson Cano, Victor Cruz, Geno Smith and is rumored to be in line to rep the top picks in the NBA (Nerlens Noel) and NHL (Seth Jones) draft.

But he has problems...not 99 of them but enough. The NBA won't certify him till he divests his minority share in the Nets and the MLB players union thinks maybe he should dump his interest in Barclays Center, on whose board he sits. Now, the NFL players union wants to know if he had an unfair advantage in signing Smith. He's not certified yet (and there's the issue of the NFL players union requiring agents to have a college degree.)

The goal, reports NBC Sports, is to find out what role if any Jay-Z had in recruiting Smith to sign with Kim Miale, a previously unknown agent hired by Roc Nation — and then hired by Smith.

On top of that, Darren Rovell reports Jay-Z hasn't yet sold his stake in the Nets.