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Brooklyn Nets to start individual workouts next month

Kevork Djansezian

For those concerned the Nets won't have a coach in place for draft discussions, the team still has another two weeks before they bring in prospects for individual workouts.

The Nets will open individual workouts on June 11, 16 days before the draft, which will be held at Barclays Center. The Nets see the individual workouts as one piece of the draft puzzle. They have a great deal of confidence in their scouts --and scouting system-- and have other advantages: They hosted one of two NBA-sanctioned group workouts at PNY Center last week, where 44 prospects worked out and were available for interviews. They also had several team personnel, including Milton Lee, work the Pre-Draft Combine. Lee has helped run the Combine for the last eight years, long before he joined the Nets.

Moreover, a number of front office personnel will be on hand for the other NBA-sanctioned workout in Minnesota this week. A total 24 prospects will be on hand for that. Then, this weekend, all the big agents (Arn Tellem, Jeff Schwartz, Andy Miller and Bill Duffy) will host workouts for their clients.

Finally on June 7, next weekend, front office personnel will fly to Treviso, Italy, for the Adidas Euro-Camp, where all the top international prospects will work out.

As one league source noted, by the time June 11 rolls around, the Nets will have seen --and interviewed-- 70% of the prospects they're interested in. So far, only one prospect --Jamaal Franklin of San Diego State-- has said he'll be working out for the Nets.