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Lionel Hollins does NOT anticipate the Grizzlies allowing him to talk to other teams

Andy Lyons

Today was the start of the exit interviews for the Memphis Grizzlies and, arguably, the most prized free agent this summer, head coach Lionel Hollins.

There are plenty of teams interested in Hollins, who becomes a "free agent" on July 1, 2013. Until then, though, the Grizzlies aren't expected to let Hollins talk to other teams, according to Hollins himself.

According to Harrington, Hollins said that he "hopes" to have a contract with the Grizzlies by the end of June, but then went on to say that if they don't have a deal, other teams will most certainly be in the mix.

The Grizzlies have to figure out what to do with Hollins, their most successful head coach in franchise history. The question will be, does the new management team open up their wallet and pay Hollins, who will most certainly get a major pay increase this summer, or do they opt for a more economical coach (assistant Dave Joerger is the desired heir) and let Hollins get a pay increase elsewhere -- say, Brooklyn?

But until we hear otherwise, the Nets might have to wait until July 1 to even get a chance to talk to Hollins.