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Deron Williams on Christianity, Life and Basketball


In an interview published earlier this month in the Alabama Baptist, Deron Williams spoke of his relationship with God and how he believes it's helped his game. After a "salvation experience" in 2009, Williams was baptized Jan. 24, 2010.

"People who have been around me for years definitely notice the changes in the way I act and the way I carry myself," Williams said. "People who didn’t know that I was a Christian have commented and said things to me. I played better since I found the Lord. I think my focus was better; my mind was clear."

Williams was baptized while playing for Utah, reported the Alabama Baptist. He and his wife, Amy, were members of Salt Lake Christian Church, a nondenominational church in Salt Lake City. A commitment to read the Bible, pray and surround himself with other Christians has helped him grow spiritually, reporter Bill Sorrell writes.

"God has blessed me," said Williams. "He has given me opportunities and skills. I have been able to make the most of them through hard work. God has just blessed." Three of Williams friends in the NBA, Kyle Korver, Jerry Stackhouse and Rudy Gay also speak to Sorrell about Williams' commitment.