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Has Bojan Bogdanovic's buyout been reduced to $570,000?

Bojan Bogdanovic via Facebook

Marca, the respected Spanish website, reports Tuesday that the Nets and Fenerbahce of Istanbul have reached an agreement on Bojan Bogdanovic that sets his buyout to $570,000, meaning the 6'8" Croatian swingman won't have to pay anything out of his own pocket to join the Nets. Under NBA rules, teams can pay up to $570,000 towards an international player's buyout, The player must pay the rest.

In February, Bogdanovic told NetsDaily that his buyout was $2 million (1.5 million euros) and earlier this month, Josh Newman of SNY Nets reported the buyout was $1 million, indicating it had been reduced. Three days ago, a Turkish report also pegged the buyout at $1 million.

Devin Kharpertian tweeted later Tuesday that Bogdanovic's agent says the buyout has NOT been reduced.

Cornstein did tell Kharpertian that the amount of the buyout could be reduced in negotiations.

With a big buyout, there's been speculation the Nets would have to pay him all or the mini-MLE of $3.2 million to help compensate for what he would have to pay Fener. The smaller his buyout, the greater the flexibility in contract negotiations.

Speculation about the buyout aside, increasing word that Bogdanovic will be a Nets rookie next year has to be considered a coup. Bogdanovic was the Euroleague's top scorer in its round of 16, averaging better than 20 points a game and leading the league in Index Ratings, the Euroleague equivalent of the PER. Overall, in the Euroleague and Turkish league, the 24-year-old averaged better than 15 points per game.