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Mark Cuban reasserts he has no regrets about losing Deron Williams

Mark D. Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Cuban let Tyson Chandler go. Jason Terry and Jason Kidd followed. He didn't show up in New York last year for a meeting with Deron Williams, then offered him $30 million less than the Nets. Instead, he chose to shoot episode of his reality TV show, "Shark Tank." After that, he dismissed his failure to sign his top target. It was better, under the new CBA, to have let D-Will go.

Now, he is in his "quick rebuild" mode, but his roster looks kinda bare. He has 35-year-old Dirk Nowitzki who he will pay $22.7 million next year. He has 36-year-old Vince Carter who he will pay $3.2 million next season. He has 35-year-old Shawn Marion, who has a player option for $9.3 million ... and who he hopes he can get to extend at a reduced salary. If he doesn't, that's $36 million for three players who average nearly 36 years old. His one young player, O.J. Mayo, has a $4 million player option and is unlikely to be back. Neither side was happy with their union.

But Cuban is optimistic that he can recover. Nowitzki has agreed to take a paycut in his next contract, when he will be 36. He wants to sell or stash the #13 pick in the draft so he can continue to harbor hopes of attracting Dwight Howard to Dallas. Of course, he would have a better chance if he had a point guard like D-Will on the roster.

Any regrets? He was asked whether he intentionally sabotaged the Mavs' efforts to sign Williams because he preferred to make a run at free agents available this summer: "Did you see that episode of 'Shark Tank' I filmed that day? It was amazing!"