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The Brooklyn Nets list ... how long? who's on it?

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

What do we really know about the Nets pursuit of a head coach? We have it on good authority (Phil Jackson) that the Billy King asked Phil Jackson if he was interested in coaching the team. He turned them down.

It sure looks like that Nets tried to get the Celtics permission to talk with Doc Rivers. After that, we know (okay, we are told reliably) that the Nets are still gathering background materials on head coaching candidates.

But beyond that, a lot of it is "speculating without facts," as one league source put it. Here's why we asked. Sam Amick tweeted this on Friday night.

Now, there's no reason for the Nets to make a call to the Grizzlies at this point, since Hollins becomes a free agent on July 1. But it raises the question of who the Nets are really pursuing and at what level. There have been lots of names thrown around in the three weeks, but the search is close-hold, with few outside King's office knowing any of the details.

Here's the latest speculation, about how much the Nets might have to pay, based on the (reliable) information that the Nets were (are?) interested in Doc Rivers.