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Brooklyn Nets looking for role player in Draft? Maybe, maybe not

Brooklyn Nets/Dmitry Beliakov

Gregg Polinsky is a careful man when he talks to the media, particularly at this time of year. The Nets director of player personnel --chief scout-- has been around for a while. Along with Bobby Marks, he's the permanent party in the basketball operations office. Polinsky joined the Nets as a scout in 1999 and was named the team’s director of scouting in 2004, then later director of player personnel in 2008. So he knows you don't give away the store when asked about what the Nets are looking for in the draft.

In interviews with Tim Bontemps, Ben Couch, and Jonathan Givony of Draft Express, he put on his best poker face talking about what he's and the team is looking for. To Bontemps, it sounded like the Nets are looking for "a player to step in right away, given the fact that they have only two options – the draft and their "mini" mid-level exception – to add to their roster."

Polinsky didn't flat out say that, but he told Givony that he expects the Nets will find "a player that can help our basketball team." In that same interview, Polinsky said the Nets have to be ready to switch up if Billy King decides to move up, down or out of the draft.

"I work for a very creative manager in Billy King," said Polinsky, smiling. "Maybe there's some deals on the table, not just at where we're picking at 22 but also to know the draft from top to bottom, do our video study, do our background checks, do our analysis. YOure always looking for some kind of edge to get you in better position."