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Reports: Bucks, Clippers waiting on Lionel Hollins


The Nets will have competition for Lionel Hollins once the Western Conference Finals conclude ... and with the Grizzlies down 2-0, that may be next week

Gery Woelfel of the Racine Time Journal and Mark Heisler, who writes for Lakers Nation after a Hall of Fame career with the L.A. Times, report that Hollins is a hot commodity. Not only are the Nets (reportedly) interested, but the Bucks and Clippers have the Grizz coach on their short lists.

Woelfel reports, "[The Bucks] are biding their time until the Memphis Grizzlies’ season ends and they can talk to Grizzlies free-agent in-waiting coach Lionel Hollins.

"Hollins, you may recall, had a cup of coffee in Milwaukee as one of (Scott)Skiles’ assistant coaches before bolting to Memphis where, in the last three seasons as head coach, his teams have won 46, 41 and 56 games. Hollins led the Grizzlies into the Western Conference Finals against the San Antonio Spurs — without a single superstar."

Heisler, tweeting about the Clippers decision to fire Vinny Del Negro, says Hollins is No. 1 on owner Donald Sterling's list, after watching the Grizzlies toss the Clippers aside in Round 1.

One problem for Sterling, however, is that Hollins agent, Warren LeGarie, wants an arbitration clause in any contract with the Clippers to make certain that if the coach is fired, he has recourse against the mercurial --and legendarily cheap-- Clipper owner.