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Stein: Memphis Grizzlies Risk Losing Lionel Hollins if they wait too long


Marc Stein, in a report on coaching vacancies --now up to seven with Tuesday's firing of Vinny DelNegro-- says that the Grizzlies "remain determined" to sign Lionel Hollins to a new deal after the playoffs. But he notes that if they wait too long, "that does expose Memphis to a high-dollar offer from Brooklyn in July that gets Hollins' attention."

Hollins has said that he had hoped the Grizzlies would extend his contract during the season, but that the team's new ownership and management didn't know him at the beginning of the season, then once the season began, "didn't want to go through a protracted negotiation."

Stein also suggested that the reason why the Nets --and other teams'-- search is taking time because "Hollins and Brian Shaw, two of Brooklyn's foremost targets, are still at work in the playoffs." He said it's believed that the Clippers may be in the market for Hollins.