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Ooh that smell, can't you smell that smell? It's NETS BASKETBALL!

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It is the biggest story of the day (apparently): The Nets have been quietly pumping fragrances into the ventilation system at Barclays Center (apparently). The Nets aren't talking.

DNA Info, a New York blog, is reporting that ScentAir, a company that manufactures custom fragrances, has been contracted by the Nets ownership to provide a distinctive aroma for Nets basketball. (Don't you dare go there!)

For those who have smelled that smell, it's "weird, musky, cologne-y" ... or "Calvin Klein" ... or " a fresh-smelling fragrance with citrus notes."

ScentAir fragrances have long been pumped into the air at theme parks, stores and hotels around the world. The odors function like mood music for your nose, notes DNA Info. They're meant to enhance the consumer experience and build brand identities. (we smell Yormark!)

DNA Info spoke with Josh Newman of SNY Nets. At first, he thought it was someone sitting near him (Bondy, Bontemps, Kerber?) After his third or fourth visit, Newman realized the scent was a "permanent part of the smellscape," writes Leslie Albrecht.

It shouldn't surprise, said Newman. "The owner of the Nets is a Russian billionaire oligarch and it became very clear early on that they were going to spare no expense."

"It's a brand-new building. They've spent over a billion dollars. [The scent] kind of goes along with the whole over-the-top nature of the building."

Better than pumping in crowd noise!