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Jason Kidd as a Brooklyn Nets coach?


In an article published before Sunday's Knick loss to the Pacers, Dave D'Alessandro laments the passing (a pun that works on so many levels) of Jason Kidd, who by now everybody knows didnt score point between April 23 and May 20.

Dave D thinks its time for J-Kidd to hang them up, don a suit and take a seat on the bench, as an assistant coach for your Brooklyn Nets. Might be a nice way to pass the time between now and his enshrinement in the Hall of Fame.

Dave D. writes...

"Don’t say it: That’s weird. But we traffic in weird around here. And the Nets would undoubtedly like to obtain guarantees that he’d stay out of nightclubs and avoid driving into utility poles in the Hamptons before they’d even consider such a thing.

"But he wanted to be with the team a year ago, and was rebuffed, which makes you think that the folks running the show there probably would like to keep their distance until he is standing at the podium in Springfield five years from now."

One problem, says Dave D, joining the chorus suggesting Scott Skiles may be the next head coach in Brooklyn.

"In fact, we’re hearing that Scott Skiles is the frontrunner for the Nets job, which would be another reason for Kidd to stay away, given the acrimonious relationship he had with his former coach in Phoenix."

(Anyone recall the first meeting between Kidd and Skiles in 2001. Kidd proved he could make a great pass, turn up court and extend a lonely digit toward the opponents bench all in one motion.)

All that said, would Kidd be interested in coaching? A source told D'Alessando he might be better as a GM, that he wouldn't have the patience to deal with underperforming assets ( sounds like Skiles!)