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Kris Joseph contract has partial guarantees, reports salary site

Kris Joseph via Twitter

ShamSports, the British sports site with insight into NBA salaries, reports that Kris Joseph's contract with the Nets has a couple of previously unreported wrinkles, specifically partial guarantees. Joseph, who played well in the D-League for the Celtics and Nets, was signed in April to a 10-day deal, then to a two-year deal, covering the remainder of 2012-13 and next season.

ShamSports reports, "Second year is fully unguaranteed, becoming $100,000 guaranteed if not waived on or before August 1, and becoming $200,000 guaranteed if not waived on or before October 29." October 29 is cutdown day for NBA rosters.

The provision gives the Nets flexibility if it wants to include Joseph in a multi-player trade or in their roster moves during training camp or regular season. Joseph's contract, for trade purposes, is $788,872, but if a team wants to shed salary following a trade, Joseph can be cut without additional cost before August 1, or at a cost of $100,000 through training camp. All non and partially guaranteed deals become fully guaranteed the first week in January. Should Joseph play well, the Nets would have his Early Bird rights at the end of next season.

Joseph, a 6'7" swingman, was second team All-D-League this season, averaging 18.6 points and 4.6 rebounds in 27 games for the Maine Red Claws and Springfield Armor. He was drafted at #51 by the Celtics, signed to a non-guaranateed deal, then cut in January.