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Mirza Teletovic: "Next year, things will be different"


In an interview last week with a Bosnian website, Mirza Teletovic talked about the country's national team which will vie for the European championship in September. But he also told his Bosnian fans to expect better days ahead for him and the Nets, once again saying he has not intention of giving up on the NBA.

"I will work hard over the summer and next year, things will be different," he told Klix, without detailing what he hoped to achieve.

"This is my first year in Brooklyn and to play in the playoffs was a success," Teletovic added, according to a Google translation. "Our players fought to the end in the final game, which was very difficult."

Teletovic promised as well that the Bosnian national team will be a priority for him this summer. The team, coached by Drazen Petrovic's brother, "needs me and I will give my best," he said.

Teletovic played in 53 games this season, scoring 3.5 points per game in nine minutes. He shot only 38.4% from the field overall but that was due in large part to the way he was used: being brought in off the bench to shoot threes. He shot 34.3 percent from the three point line, a disappointment. But in a recent analysis of the Nets mid-range shooting, Ben Couch points out that he shot 58.1 percent from mid-range -- 18 of 31 -- which is 18 percent better than the league average.