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As Turkish League winds down, Bojan Bogdanovic becoming after-thought

Bojan Bogdanovic via Facebook

It's been a weird season for Fenerbahce Ulker, Bojan Bogdanovic's Turkish team. They opened their season with grand dreams, even beat the Celtics in an exhibition game. Like another team we are familiar with, they spent a lot of money on players as they opened a new arena in downtown Istanbul. They were projected as a top four team in the Euroleague, according to a number of pundits, and the top team in Turkey.

But the season has fallen apart, far more dramatically than their Brooklyn counterpart. Some injuries, including the loss of Bogdanovic for nearly three weeks, hurt them and they won only two out of 14 in the Euroleague Round of 16. Now, they've lost the first game in the Turkish League playoffs to a lower seeded team and elimination looks just around the corner, as soon as next week.

Bogdanovic was, according to many, misused throughout the season, starting off as sixth man, then becoming the team's first option and now, something in-between. In Saturday's loss, he scored only 10 points on seven shots in 29 minutes of play. During his mid-season run, when he was averaging 20+ points a game, he was putting up an average of 14 or so. It's no wonder the Istanbul team fired one coach and replaced him with an underwhelming interim coach.

Is Fener willing to let Bogdanovic go to Brooklyn because they've decided to rebuild? If so, Fener's bad season could become the Nets good luck.