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Billy King: Interviews a big part of Pre-Draft Combine

In an interview with Scott Howard-Cooper of, Billy King was asked how important are the interviews teams conduct over the course of the Pre-Draft Combine. Most of the Nets brass is in Chicago for the annual event, where 63 college and international players are working out for all 30 teams.

King said that while the combine is "good for the measurements," scouts and GM's pay attention to "the interviews and how they interact with the coaches."

On the interviews specifically, King said, "A lot of what you learn about is them as people, their families, if they had any incidents happen during the season, try to get them to explain what happened. But its really just a chance for you to get to know them. because you've seen is them on the court and you really want to get to know them as people."

According to various reports, seven-footers Rudy Gobert of France and Steven Adams of Pitt improved their draft stock Thursday as did as two former high school stars who didn't play last year -- Ricky Ledo and Norvel Pelle.