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Dwightmare V? That ship has sailed


Hoopsworld, quoting sources close to the situation, suggests that Brooklyn is still interested in acquiring Dwight Howard, but admits such a deal would be difficult to carry out, because of limitations under the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

There is no indication, no suggestion in Brooklyn that the Nets are willing to go through the fifth iteration of Dwightmare, particularly since the key player who would move west is Brook Lopez. Lopez had his best season as a Net, finished fifth league-wide in PER and played well in the Nets first round playoff series vs. the Bulls.

Alex Kennedy wrote Thursday that the would have to engage a third team in a deal, but even if the Nets wanted to do the deal, it would be near impossible for them to get under the salary cap "apron" and carry out the multiple team deal required. In other words, that ship sailed last summer when the Nets let Orlando know they were no longer interested and moved on Lopez.

Even Kennedy admits, "their cap situation and the hurdles they must jump to land Howard make them a long shot at this point."