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With Knicks struggling, Brooklyn councilman in meltdown

Jumaane Williams

We dont know if this will be a political issue the next time he runs, but Brooklyn City Councilman Jumaane Williams took to Twitter this week to express his indignation at the Knicks collapse ... and while he was at it, diss the team that represents his borough.

After filling Twitter with rants about the Knicks ineffectiveness vs. the Pacers, the 39-year-old Williams ended the evening with this

When it was suggested that there is another NBA team now in the city, Williams was not impressed. He told the Daily News, "It’s all part of being a Knicks’ fan," Williams said. "When we need them to not suck - they do."

Williams admitted to the paper that he tried "cheating on the Knicks" and even had "a virtual date" with Deron Williams and the Nets.

"I tried to be the Brooklyn Nets on my XBox 360. And I just couldn’t do it," Williams said referring to video game NBA 2K13.

Following publication of the Daily News report, Williams relented a bit and told a local journalist that as long as the Nets aren't playing the Knicks, he's cool with Brooklyn's team.

Someone should tell the councilman he may soon have something else in common with the Nets. Mikhail Prokhorov plans to run for Moscow City Council next year.