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Sports Illustrated: Brooklyn Nets coaching job best out there


For the second time in less than a week, a major sports site lists the Nets coaching vacancy as the best out there. Last week it was Chris Broussard of ESPN, basing his ranking on an anonymous assistant coache's analysis. This time, it's Ben Golliver of Sports Illustrated, using a formula based on talent, turnover, track record, direction and "leash," how far ownership will let a coach go.

In Golliver's ranking, the Nets get a 5 out of 5 on talent ("The only team on this list to win at least one playoff game") and turnover ("three coaches ... over the last 13 seasons"); a 4 on track record ("This season marked the franchise’s first playoff trip since 2007 and should be the start of a new streak") and direction ("The Nets would seem to be a second-tier team in the Eastern Conference next season, alongside the Knicks and Pacers, but a clear level below the Heat and Bulls'); but only a 2 on leash ("If there’s a major drawback to this position, it’s that the insanely rich Russian could give you the pink slip at any moment.")

That tally gives the Nets 19 out of 25 points on the Golliver scale, three above the Bucks and 14 above the worst job, the one being offered by Michael Jordan in Charlotte. Bottom line for Golliver: the Nets are "the best available job."