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In critic's graphic timeline, a sense of how long Barclays Center took to get done

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Tracy Collins is Brooklyn photographer who's chronicled the critics' fight to stop Atlantic Yards and Barclays Center. In recent days, he has posted a graphical timeline of the 3,000-plus days between the first announcement of Bruce Ratner's project in 2003 until opening night last year.

Called "Atlantic Yards [De]constructed," the graphical timeline offers a 3-D look at the arena and what went before it, in videos and images compiled by Collins over the course of the contentious effort, which critics say continues, but without much of the fervor that was evident early on.

Collins says the online project is just beginning.

The installation was the first iteration of what I envision to be an interactive, data-driven, documentary project that presents the history of Atlantic Yards through photographs, video, 3D animation, sound, text, maps and other data. At this point, the installation is not interactive, and instead loops continually through a timeline of events from 2003 to the end of 2013, displaying imagery based on time and location.

In the future, I hope to create an interactive online version that will automatically and continually add new, relevant data (images, video, text, etc).