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A more Brooklyn-themed version of Brook-lyn, Brook-lyn

The Nets have quietly posted, a new, more Brooklyn-themed version of John Forte's "Brooklyn: Something to Lean on." The video features more Brooklyn and more game action, as well as more of Forte, a Brooklyn native, whose close to many in the Nets ownership group. The video uses a lot of material from the recently concluded "The Association: Brooklyn Nets" and appears to have been released as part of it.

In addition, The New York Times local blog reported last week on how the Nets are marketing to the the "hybrid fan" - a Brooklynite who may remain loyal to the Knicks or other teams but loves the black-and-white motif of Nets gear.

"You’ll never get me in Barclays Center to see a game," said one fan. "I love the Nets new design and the colors are hot, but I’m a Knicks fan at heart. I’ll support the Brooklyn Nets, because I’m from Brooklyn, but that’s it."

It's a start. (h/t on both stories to Atlantic Yards Report)