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Will Brooklyn Nets take a big in draft? Draftniks think so

Andy Lyons

Is it too early to think about the draft? NEVER!

With the NCAA crown on its way to Louisville and the European leagues winding down, the draftniks are out in force. Chad Ford debuted his first mock draft Tuesday and Jonathan Givony of Draft Express updated his Monday as well. Aron Smith of is a couple of days behind.

Two of them, Ford and Smith have the Nets taking a big man who played in Monday's NCAA championship game: ESPN thinks Gorgui Dieng would be an ideal choice at 6'11", while Smith thinks the choice could be Mitch McGary of Michigan, an inch shorter ... but three years younger.

Of Dieng, Ford writes, "The Nets could really use some backup help at the 5, and they need someone who can step in and play right now. Dieng drops a few spots on our board because of his age, but he should be a terrific fit as a backup to Brook Lopez in Brooklyn. The team could really use his shot-blocking abilities."

Of McGary, Smith writes, "Every year their seems to be a kid that comes out nowhere and bursts onto the scene. Last year it was Anthony Davis and this year it is Mitch McGary. McGary, who was not even a starter on his high school team this past season, has a had a great spring and opened eyes around the country with his dominance on the AAU circuit. He is a banger who seeks contact."

The outlier is Givony who thinks 6'5" shooting guard Jamaal Franklin of San Diego State, would help. He writes of Franklin: "Possessing unlimited confidence, Franklin is a hungry, incessant scorer who puts relentless pressure on opposing defenses by constantly being in attack mode. He pushes the ball aggressively in transition, and is able to get to the basket in the half-court equally as well in isolation settings."