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Calvin Klein Courtside Club - "Hottest scene" in the city?


The next time Saturday Night Live has Stefon look for "New York's hottest club," he should be directed to the Calvin Klein Courtside Club at Barclays Center. So says the Daily News in its story Tuesday headlined, "Calvin Klein Courtside Club at Barclays Center is the hottest scene in town."

Typical night, reports Jason Sheftell, "There’s actor James Gandolfini. Ellen Pompeo, too. The comic Aziz Ansari bounces around. Jimmy Fallon’s a regular, although he’s not in tonight." Then, of course the big celebrities, those above 6'3" in height, can be seen passing by the glass walls.

"Right from the path of entry to the end of the game, this is meant to be a memorable experience," Brett Yormark tells the Daily News. "Brooklyn is global now, and it all starts right here."