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ESPN: Deron Williams, Brook Lopez among the NBA's Top 30 players in #NBARank


According to, two Brooklyn Nets, Deron Williams and Brook Lopez, are among the Top 30 players in the NBA.

Williams checks in at No. 17 overall, behind Stephen Curry and ahead of Chris Bosh. Last year, Williams was No. 10 in ESPN's #NBARank, and you have to assume that his first half slide this year is ultimately why he dropped seven spots. On the other hand, with Williams 5th in the league in PER since the All-Star break, you can make the case that he's much closer to his 2012 Top 10 ranking than he is to his current ranking.

Lopez, the Nets lone All-Star, is ranked 26th this season, up 34 spots from last year where he checked in at No. 60. Lopez is currently 5th in the NBA in PER, averaging 19.2 points, 6.9 rebounds and 2.1 blocks per game. He's ahead of guys like Paul George, Paul Pierce and Zach Randolph.

Meanwhile, the NBA announced that D-Will's Nets jersey ranks No. 6 in sales at the NBA Store in Manhattan and online. Carmelo Anthony ranks No. 1. As Tim Bontemps reports, Williams finished behind only Anthony, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose. It's the highest spot he’s ever reached on the list. The Nets also finished fourth in merchandise sales behind the Knicks, Heat and Lakers, for the season. That's the highest spot the franchise has ever reached on the list over a full sales period ... and up from 31st last season, when they finished below the Seattle Supersonics!