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The Brooklyn Nets and "The Feeling of Now"

Bruce Bennett

Cory Treffiletti, a San Francisco marketing blogger, visited Barclays Center recently when in New York. He wanted to see first hand how the arena and team were being marketed. A Knick fan himself, Trefiletti is not among those who thinks the Knicks will retain their dominance, that while "The Garden is the Garden," as the marketeers at 33rd and 7th say, the Nets have the opportunity to do something else, something beyond the Garden.

He wrote this week...

"While the Knicks may have a sense of history, the Nets represent a feeling of 'now.' They may not be as good as some of their peers, even though they’ll make the playoffs this year. Regardless of their status as a contender or not, there’s a feeling of excitement and a level of engagement not present at other arenas. They bring you in. They get you pumped."

Trefflletti says the target audience is young and urban and that everything about the arena and Nets is geared toward that linking the brand with the audience. "They learned what their audience wants (swagger was key among them) and delivered it in everything they did," listing the colors, the logo, the food, the music.