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Marc Stein: Expect Mikhail Prokhorov to move quickly on new coach

Bruce Bennett

Marc Stein, in a summary of possible off-season moves, provides little hope for P.J. Carlesimo returning as Nets coach, adding that he expects Mikhail Prokhorov to move quickly "after the Nets' elimination" to pursue a new head coach, suggesting he'll make calls to Phil Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy or "another marquee name (if there's another one to chase)."

Jackson has said he's more interested in a front office job at age 68 but the Nets retain interest. Van Gundy has professed no interest in a job held by a colleague, but has left open the possibility of a discussion once the job is officially open. JVG has been seen hanging out near the Nets locker room during his ESPN coverage of the team and recently accommodated Tim Bontemps when the Post reporter asked him to examine the Nets roster. Separately, he did tell Bontemps the Nets have "overachieved" under Carlesimo.

Stein doesn't completely dismiss the possibility of Carlesimo staying but thinks it's limited.

"Consistent word out of Brooklyn remains that the playoffs will determine whether he has any legit hope of landing the job full-time," writes Stein, who then notes the Nets are likely to run smack into the Heat in the second round.