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How good can this Nets team actually be?


John Schumann over at had a nice writeup this morning about your Brooklyn Nets, in which he looked at a number of topics surrounding the team, with the overall theme of the piece being: Have we seen the best of the Nets?

Schumann writes:

And maybe this is just who the Nets are. Maybe they’re just a good, but not great, basketball team.

But it’s hard not to wonder if we’ve ever really seen the best of the Nets this season. They currently rank ninth in offensive efficiency and 19th defensively. They could and, really, should be better.

He goes on to discuss what might be holding the team back, noting the various injuries they've sustained throughout the season. But one of the major points he makes is the rotation, namely the floor spacing by the bigs and P.J. Carlesimo's decision not to play Brook Lopez and Andray Blatche together (they've only played 86 minutes alongside each other this season).

It's certainly clear that Brook Lopez's role in the playoffs will continue to increase, especially if they get into the second round and have a matchup against the Miami Heat. The question, though, as Schumann asks, is whether or not Carlesimo will opt to play Lopez and Blatche together, as Brook's role in the playoffs expands. And if not, would he consider moving Gerald Wallace to the 'four'?

One thing is clear, the late-game rotations and adjustments from P.J. are going to be key in the playoffs. It's just not clear as to whether he's willing to take chances and go small (with Wallace at the 'four') or go big (with Lopez and Blatche on the court together).

On a positive note, we are talking about the Nets and their theoretical playoff matchups and possible second round rotations. So, you know, it could be worse.