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Brook Lopez and the value of creativity


Brook Lopez is a creative guy, proud of his creative writing ability but also his creativity on the court. He spoke about it, along with a lot of other things, with Matt Moore of CBS Sports.

"When you see how different players are, how many different ways there are to be good? And you have those guys who aren't archetypes, who are really off the page. I think how you approach the game creatively definitely comes from how you grew up and how creative you are as a person," Lopez told Moore "I've actually talked to Larry [Sanders] on the floor about his art. I think the background you come from definitely translates onto the floor."

Moore provides video evidence of that creative thinking in the game. He also talks to Lopez about his love of comic books and how as a Net, he's worked with Marvel, despite of long time affection for DC Comics.

"It's weird thinking about it," he said. "You think one way. I am a Marvel Comics fan, as well. I've always been a big Avengers guy: Nightcrawler, Hawkeye and Iceman. I did feel like I was letting DC down a little bit, but I've enjoyed what I've done with Marvel. I can't lie -- the BrooklyKnight they designed is pretty cool."

The BrooklyKnight is pretty cool? Brook is starting to sound like Maurice!