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"The Association:" a look at Reggie Evans and the road

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

"The Association" airs its latest episode Wednesday before the Bulls game and the star of the show is Reggie Evans, whose work ethic is spotlighted, from extra workouts to his early arrival at whatever gym the Nets are practicing at.

His sensational rebounding the last 10 games (17 per game, 27.5 per 48) along with a surprising offense (9.0 points on 55 percent shooting) cast him as the star of the show.

There's also a look at P.J. Carlesimo's return to Portland, his first NBA coaching stop; Popeye Jones late nights: mapping out strategies for opponents .... and racking his son, Seth's, budding hockey career. Interspersed are moments that prove what MarShon Brooks told Sarah Kustok Wednesday: that the road trip helped the Nets bond.