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Brook Lopez dominating playoffs ... like a veteran

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

There is little debate ... or there should be little debate. Brook Lopez is the most dominating player in the Nets-Bulls playoff series, and his numbers put him at or near the top in playoff stats for all 16 teams ... despite that he had never played in the post-season during his first four years in the NBA.

Here are the numbers, which do not lie.

--No. 6 in points per game at 23.6.

--No. 2 in blocks per game at 3.4 ... and No. 1 in total blocks

--No. 5 in minutes played at 189

--No. 2 in field goals made at 42

--No. 4 in free throws made at 33

--No. 9 in free throw percentage at 89.2 percent.

With one exception, field goal percentage, Lopez's playoff numbers are better than his regular season numbers. One big number that stands out: Lopez, who averaged 30.4 minutes per game in regular season, is averaging 37.8 in the playoffs (although that is somewhat skewed by the 51 minutes Saturday. That's the second most he's ever played in a game. Lopez played 53 minutes vs. the Thunder in 2010-11.