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Is Phil Jackson still on Brooklyn Nets radar? In a word, Yes.


Did Billy King's three year contract extension end the Nets interest in Phil Jackson, as a coach, as an executive, as a "visionary?" No suggest both Peter Vecsey and Ken Berger.

Vecsey tweeted over the weekend that the executive suite in Brooklyn or the coaching slot would appeal to the "Zen Hen," and he added King's extension should mean the Nets aren't interested. They are.

Since then, of course, Seattle's chances of getting the Kings have dropped to near zero as the relocation and finance committees of the NBA board of governors recommended the Kings stay in Sacramento. The board and the commissioner's office is likely to ratify that decision.

So, what about this "visionary" thing. Ken Berger reports Tuesday that a kind of super consultancy might appeal to Jackson.

Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov made overtures to Jackson for the team's head coaching position after Avery Johnson was fired this past season, and league sources expect the Russian billionaire to come calling again. The presence of an established general manager -- Billy King just signed a contract extension with Brooklyn -- would not necessarily be a prohibiting factor for Jackson to enter the fray. Jackson would serve largely as the visionary, with a day-to-day GM and front-office staff in place to execute it.

Meanwhile, Jackson first serious suitor will be the Raptors and although it offers him a chance to develop a team, it's deemed too low profile. And the chances for him joining the Nets? It would appear, at this point, limited.