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Barclays Center has ally in effort to get 2015 All-Star Game: a union

Alex Trautwig

The Communications Workers of America is locked in a ugly dispute with James Dolan, his company, Cablevision and now Madison Square Garden and they aim to hit him where it hurts ... in Brooklyn.

The CWA, one of the country's largest unions, has set up two websites, Brooklyn Not Busters and Bring it to Brooklyn, complete with petitions, to promote the idea that the NBA shouldn't reward Dolan for his "union-busting" but instead deliver the 2015 All-Star Game to Barclays Center. There's been no decision on where the game will be played, but league officials have said it will be played in New York. The Nets and Knicks have both invested nearly a billion dollars in their arena, the Garden the subject of a renovation they like to call a "transformation."

Atlantic Yards critic and chronicler Norman Oder suggests Barclays Center has its own union issues.