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Mirza Teletovic likes P.J. Carlesimo but admits "you can hardly expect great things" without consistent minutes

Bruce Bennett

In an interview with a prominent Bosnian newspaper just before the playoffs began, Mirza Teletovic said he appreciates that P.J. Carlesimo has been straight with him, more so than Avery Johnson, but that he doesn't feel that he got the chance he needed to prove what he can do in the NBA.

"I can say that for me crisis never happened," he told reporter Erol Avdovic of Avaz when asked if the "crisis" in playing time had changed. "Only, here again I say, when it happens that you do not play a dozen games and then play one, you can hardly expect some great things.

"It is the same when you're not playing the whole game and play just the last quarter, cold, unheated, and before that you have not played seven games. Important are, as they say here in America, 'consistent minutes'."

He did tell Avdovic that Carlesimo is better for him than his predecessor. "Definitely, P.J. has a different personality. He talks more to the players about some things, and with him you roughly know where you are. In particular, it is better for me."

Teletovic remains optimistic about next season. "For the next year I guarantee, as far as I'm concerned, that some things will be different."

(Special thanks to NetsDaily member Nije Bitno for the translation.)