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P.J. Carlesimo: "'Disappointment' is probably not strong enough"

P.J. looks forward and backward.


No, it's not strong enough. "Debacle" might be better.

The Nets coach talked to the beat writers Sunday... just him, not the players. And after all the frustration and how many minutes the key players spent on the court, it was probably best to limit the voices.

The key comment...

I think yesterday was – 'disappointment' is probably not strong enough – an extremely tough way to lose. But that’s what it is: a loss. Having the day between is good. We have to move away form the disappointment and channel it into anger or resolve or whatever else. We can’t focus on Saturday. We've got to focus on Monday, got to be ready tomorrow at 7 o'clock. We’ve got a one-game season. It’s as simple as that.

Carlesimo said he was encouraged by a couple of things: that the team has proven resilient all year (after other "disappointments") and that Joe Johnson remains Joe Johnson, even if banged up.

If you look at the 86 games we've played, I think Joe would be up there in terms of last-second or end-of-game/-overtime plays for the year. In the history of the NBA, has somebody had a better season? Probably. But it's scary to think about what this year would've been like without Joe Johnson.

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