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Are the Brooklyn Nets "gutless, heartless?"


At halftime, with the Nets and Bulls locked in a close game, Sarah Kustok sat down with Joe Cowley, the veteran Bulls beat writer for the Chicago Sun-Times. This was not to be your typical beat reporter interview -- a discussion of what each team has to do in the second half. Oh no, Cowley had something to say about how the Bulls viewed the Nets, and by the end of regulation, he looked like a prophet. The highlight...

Well, the Bulls wanted this team. They wanted this team for a reason. They feel, privately they've said, "this team is gutless, this team is heartless" and they think they can expose them when the game gets close in the fourth quarter. So far, it's kind of played like that, and even Nate Robinson. He had an agenda with C.J. Watson, and he's carried it out and you know, they wanted to see how the Nets reacted, and they really didn't show a lot of fight to defend their own guy. So, it's kind of playing that they are a heartless and gutless team right now.

He also dissed Deron Williams, saying the Bulls know that if they frustrate him, he will "will not finish games as he should," that is, lose focus. He added that if the Bulls won on Saturday. "this thing is over," implying that the Nets can't possibly recover.

NetsDaily tweeted it out in near real-time and The Brooklyn Game quickly posted the video. It's not known whether the Nets were aware of what Cowley said. Not that it mattered. By now or certainly by tomorrow, they will. Whether it changes things is another story.