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Now, it's MarShon Brooks turn to express rotation frustration

Anyone not upset with the rotations?


First, it was Tyshawn Taylor who told Alyonka Larionov of his frustrations in a BCTV interview ... before it was taken down. Then, Gerald Wallace complained, "I don’t have a clue what my role is on this team."

Now, MarShon Brooks is wondering about his role. "It's tough, but it's the job. It seems like I'm the last resort, honestly," he told Newsday . "If things aren't going well for the team, throw MarShon out there. That's been the rhythm all year. I kind of know when my name is going to be called, in a sense."

His comments (and Wallace's) came before a team meeting at the Nets hotel.

In response to Brooks' comments, P.J. Carlesimo noted the second year player's deficiency on defense. "Defensively . . . that's always going to be a point of emphasis with him," said the Nets interim coach.

Brooks did get extended minutes Thursday and help the Nets fourth quarter comeback. "He opened the floor, he beat some people off the dribble and he created some looks for other people. It was good."