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John Schuhmann lets fly on P.J. Carlesimo rotations deep stats guy tweets about what he saw and didn't like last night.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Just before the playoffs, John Schuhmann, the deep stats and power rankings guy at, offered some thoughts on the Nets. In an article entitled, "Have we seen the best of the Nets?" Schuhmann argued that there were issues the Nets had yet to resolve, among them P.J. Carlesimo's rotations which baffled people outside --and inside-- the Nets.

On Thursday night, Schuhmann used Twitter to let loose on some of the same issues he highlighted in his piece. Here is a sampling. He like others is more than a bit mystified.

Schuhmann of course was not alone. Peter Vecsey had a few as well, including this one, that was both critical and portentious.

In fact, the critical tweets Thursday night are indicative of how a lot of people are feeling Friday morning.