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Brooklyln Nets planning Spanish-language website


Elisa Padilla, vice-president of marketing for the Nets and Barclays Center, says the Nets are working on a Spanish-language website that will be distinct from the NBA offering.

"Next season we want to launch a Spanish-language website that’s separate from the NBA," said Padilla. "Brooklyn is so diverse, and we know that the Hispanic market is growing, but we also know that the Asian market is just as important, and the Russian segment."

The Nets have a separate Russian-language site that links to the team's main page and had a Chinese-language site when Yi Jianian played in New Jersey.

Padilla also said that the Nets plans include more marketing to children. "My goal is to get our brand in front of the young kids, so that they grow up with the brand affinity for the Nets, and become your season-ticket holders. ..." she said.

She also talked about BrooklyKnight. "He's actually a superhero. We didn’t want to just have a mascot in Brooklyn, we wanted to do something that was much cooler, something that was going to have an attitude, something that was cool and hip like the borough we were moving to."